Vit Spinka

Whitepapers, presentations

  • Reading the execution plan – deep dive into SGA memory (Oaktable World at OOW17, PDF file for download, 1.1MB), 2017
  • Logical Replication in 12cR2 What are the options now (DOAG 2016, OTN/ODC Days 2017, PDF file for download, 1.7MB), 2017
  • Evolution of Oracle Database Redo Logs Through Versions (Auckland DBA meetup 2017, Oracle OpenWorld 2014, NZOUG 2014, PDF up to 12.2, PDF (old, up to 12.1) file for download, 1.1MB), 2014-17
  • What a DBA Should Know or How to Know Your Way Around Database (unique and non-unique IDs in the data dictionary) (presentation PDF, whitepaper PDF files for download, 0.6MB), 2015
  • Internals of the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Architecture (Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Collaborate 2015, updated for Oracle Open World 2015, PDF file for download, 0.8MB), 2015i
  • Life of a transaction (NZOUG 2014, PDF file for download, 0.8MB), 2014
  • Gentle introduction to optimisation (presentation as PDF file for download, 40kB), July 2009
  • Oracle 11g New Features (presentation as PDF file for download, 3.6MB), 2007

My profile

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